Saturday 16th of March 2019 (10am to 8 pm).

ETV Exposition is exposition for companies and private persons dedicated to the tourist and holiday housing (tour operators and booking websites. But also for service companies in general e.g. gardening, cleaning, maintenance, property management, advice etc.


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rganization and info: 602 292 022        –        Reservations: 665 510 026

President of the federation: (Jordi Cerdó Cladera) 639 387 169

The Federatcion ETV (Estancias Turísticas Vacacionales) (www.FederacionETVmallorca.es) it’s one organisation and groups of owners too holiday homes that fight for the rights and interests for owners to vacational tourist holiday homes.

The significant increasing interest in the rental of tourist holiday homes in recent years, as well as the importance of this for many families economies in the Balearic Islands has led to the start of this organisation. And we will now have the 1st unique event. On Saturday 16 of March in Algaida, you can meet professionals, companies or owners who rent their homes to tourists.

The first and only tourist holiday housing exposition held in Mallorca organised by the ETV federation (Mallorca) is recommended to both companies and individuals. An event for networking and knowledge of supplys and services and how to make it more effectively.

The place chosen for the first time of the ETV exhibition in Mallorca is Binicomprat Event And Restaurant located in the centre of the island (On saturday there are a buffet for only 15€); Just outside the town of Algaida not far off from the road to Manacor.

Binicomprat is specialised in holding large events and banquets of all kinds. It has lounges, terraces, gardens and tents, elegantly decorated, with a comfortable and playful environment to ensure the enjoyment of a pleasant day.

We want this first ETV exposition to be a meeting point between owners and companies from the sector of holiday villa rental (construction building, gardening, landscaping, photography, video, interior design, decoration, furniture, insurance, legal services etc.).

Jordi Cerdó Cladera

Jordi Cerdó Cladera.
President of the
ETV Mallorca federation

But also for trading companies, tour operators, online agencies, or any kind of companies that offer a any kind of services and products to visitors. Come and talk to us to find out how you will be the first to find out about news, changes and to help improving the sector of vacation villa rental in Mallorca

There will be experts from the energy sector, and the legal sector to answer questions and clarify doubts. But also to discuss what obligations that the owners have in terms of protecting customer data (GDPR law).


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Organization and info: 602 292 022&
Reservations: 665 510 026
President of the federation: (Jordi Cerdó Cladera) 639 387 169

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Feria ETV

Feria ETV